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Nigel Talbot is a sculptor who trained at colleges in England, Wales and Scotland and is now based in Cardiff, Wales.  He works primarily in the public domain, creating site-specific works that are made exclusively for a given place, usually involving the local community.

He has been involved with Arts in the Public Realm as a Public/Environmental Artist, an Artist-in-Residence and Art Educator throughout Wales, England, parts of Europe and North America.

His work often reflects his interest in archaeology, geology and the local history of a given site, as well as the physical processes involved in shaping and working certain combinations of materials, especially wood and stone. 

On a large range of projects,Talbot has collaborated with many people including other professional artists, architects, poets, engineers, landscape architects, schoolchildren, storytellers, even ceramists.

Talbot's studio practice underpins and informs all of his publicly sited work where he often involves the use of recycled materials, creating pieces from the hand-held to large-scale immersive environments dealing with themes from the abstract to the political.

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